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Turn words into cash magnets and add 7-figure revenue to your business

We help coaches, industry experts, and course creators hit revenue goals, serve more people and leave a great legacy  through our signature F.U.E.L Launch Method


“$154,572 in sales & 543 students & 29K leads.”

I will definitely recommend you. Though the price is far from other freelancers, (yet) the value you provided as a copywriter… the landing page itself, the lead magnet, and all the process that you built for us were absolutely amazing. 

Dearly Plinky Llamzon, Founder & Coach,

What Are You Struggling With?

Time Management

Don’t have time to write sales copy and strategize the best launch strategies? Then, get us to do them for you, so you can save time to focus on your business.

Not Standing Out

Can’t tell who you are and what you do differently? Then, boost up your message to stand out in a saturated market with a concise funnel and copy strategy.

Inefficient System

Have a hard time getting consistent leads and clients for your business? Then, set up a funnel that turns visitors into clients like clockwork, without the hassle.

Low Sales Conversion

Do you want to increase conversions than your previous launches? Then, delegate copywriting to us and let us deliver the results you always wanted.

Here at Neri Marcos Digital, we’re passionate about 3 things: Results, Copywriting, & Course Launches.

We implement a trackable, personalized, and strategic approach in streamlining and optimizing your copy and funnel system. The goal is to attract more qualified prospects and convert them to paying clients & raving fans.

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Done-For-You Course Launch Copy

Writing persuasive highly-converting sales copy for you while removing the stress in your course launch, so you fill your pipeline with an avalanche of sales you deserve.


Done-With-You Course Launch Copy

Working with you to optimize your offer, refine your copy, and calibrate your sales funnel, so you can streamline your system and scale your marketing efforts.


Sales Copy Critique & Strategy

Have sales copy written that you want to spruce up for better conversion? Then, send it to us and we’ll transform it to its exponential glory raking dollars while you sleep.

Course Launch Copywriting Course

Learn course launch copywriting yourself to launch your course or work on course launches with clients in the future.


We're on a mission to help & support coaches and industry experts leverage their expertise through courses while serving more people by providing compelling and conversion-focused funnel copy.

Dear Course Creators,

When you launch your course and match it with consistent traffic to your offer…

It’s crystal clear to us where your business is going (the moon).

You’ll generate higher revenue and save more time while feeling happier, inspired, and worry-free.

“We remove the stress in your course launch and fill your pipeline with an avalanche of sales you deserve using our proven and tested method.”

"From $500 to $5,000 in 7 Days!"

“Neri changed my online business completely; from $500 to $5000 within 2 weeks. We just started.”

Kamal Makhmudov
Founder, Dispatch Trucks LLC

The F.U.E.L. Launch Method

Driven by results. Fueled with Research, Stories, & Persuasion.

A 4-phase copywriting roadmap to generating MORE Clients, Revenue, and Conversion, scaling your business from Point A (where you are) to Point B (where you want your business to go).

Find in-depth data and information

Conduct deep-dive research to elicit the language they're using to describe their problems and desires.

Use heuristics in copy and funnel.

Map out and write the sales copy needed to launch profitably, so we can have it up and ready when you start promoting your course.

Enable a better relaunch system.

Launch the pre-launch campaign to generate leads, drive them to a funnel to nurture & invite them to enroll in our main offer.

Leverage data to optimize conversion.

Pull up the stats and metrics, assess the result of the campaign, and restrategize to help us improve our next course launch.


Raving Reviews Which Fuel Our Mission

"Out of 370 people who saw the offer, 40 people bought the course. That's a 10.81% conversion.”
Sariah Guanzon-Ordinario
Business Coach, Certified Yummy Marketer Course
"If you're not getting Neri to write your case studies, there's a good chance you're missing or leaving a lot of money on the table.

And for us, that's $2100 in just one case study alone. She made 10 for us.

That's just how much we're leaving on the table. So, I can't imagine burning that amount away but not hiring Neri.”
John Pagulayan
Founder, The Freelance Movement Tribe
“Before, our biggest mistake was - we didn’t know our numbers. We just know that we’re getting a lot of leads because we’re getting hundreds of sales, but that’s it. We have no idea exactly how much. Our funnel was not optimized, making us lose possible students for our program, since we don’t have a solid follow-up system in place.

With Neri’s help, all our problems have been solved. Though the price is far from other freelancers, the value itself, all the process, and system that you built for us were absolutely amazing.”
Dearly Plinky Llamzon
“In fact, just last week, we lost 3 clients. But after that, I was able to replace them with 4 new clients and at higher rates — all because of my case study which you’ve written.”
Jheng Alvarez
CEO, Leadgenify Solutions
“It's worth every dollar because you'll get what you're looking for which is a very emotional, story-driven case study...

That's not only gonna look nice on your website but is definitely a strong conversion asset you can show to potential clients to help you close more deals and sales.”
Reinart Bacalso
Managing Director, Augmen Digital
“It's really about the level of "caringness" that Neri has when she works with a client. She really puts effort into it.

A lot of people, they can just take your money. But what she does is, she makes a commitment and says, "Look, I'm gonna make this commitment to you to get the results that you so desire."

She wanted to make sure that you're successful.

The big difference between her and other people in the industry: She's just not going to give you the product and say, "here you go. If it works, it works." Instead, she's gonna help you through the ride. And she's willing to make the adjustments to make your goals feasible.”
Philip Webb
Founder, PDQMEI
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