The Sales Copy Which Landed Me To The Next Stage of The Screening Process

A week ago, I’ve come across a job posting in OnlineJobs.Ph with a very interesting screening requirement.
And it goes something like this:
“In your application, I will need to see a sample of your copy skills so here is what I will want you to do; Pretend that you are selling a book on improving your minset. Imagine you are trying to convince me to buy from you and not your competitor. In a paragraph or two, sell me your book and don’t forget to add your call to action.”
The good thing about it is I don’t have to humblebrag about my copywriting skills because they’ll see an actual copy created based on their requirement.
Because I want to try if I can make it or not, I created a sales copy quickly and see if I can make the cut.
Who wouldn’t want a new project, right?
And just to give you an idea of the journey, I’m going to show you the elements of the sales copy for this fictional requirement.
Warning: No research is done on this one, which I don’t advice you to do if you’re applying for a job as a copywriter.
And if I’m feeling generous, I might share with you the actual sales copy I used for this application.
So, without further ado, here are the elements of the sales copy which landed me to the next stage of the screening process:
Product Reveal
Social Proof
Value Drop
A. Would you like to take a peek on the said sales copy?
B. Would you like to explain further the elements?
Comment below your choice and let’s see which choice wins!
P.S. I have one remaining slot for a client this month.
If you need help in creating your sales copy to promote and launch your course or program, book a call here to get started.

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