How My Landing Page Copy Got Only 4.9% Conversion From Cold Traffic (And What Happened Next)

Before you even lift a finger to tap the share button or something else, let me get it straight first.

Yes, the landing page only got 4.9% conversion.

Yes, that is low.

And yes, it’s unacceptable.

I remember when I submitted my copy to my client asking for feedback, here is what she said:

Client: Looks good.

Me: (insert happy face)But delivering the copy to the client and her being satisfied while complimenting what you’ve done doesn’t stop there.

In fact, that is where it only starts.

Because the real “copy battle” starts when the advertising and promotion started.

When the FB ads are all fired up…

When traffic starts to flow into the landing page where you placed the copy.

Just like what happened to my client…

When our FB ad expert ran the ads, we got 204 unique page views.

This means that 204 people clicked the link in the ads and viewed the landing page.

And out of 204 people, only 10 opted in.

Yes, ten amazing humans.

And if you’ll do the math, that resulted in a 4.9% conversion.

You might say that there are a lot of factors affecting the conversion.

But here’s the exciting part.

In our meeting, I’ve suggested tweaking the copy by removing the pre-headline.

What’s a pre-headline?

A pre-headline is a headline right before the main headline. Pretty straightforward, right?

Plus, we’ve decided to move up the opt-in button to the above fold of the page.

And in less than 24 hours, we’ve gathered 10 unique page views, and 3 people opted in.

That’s 30% conversion right there!

And to make it even sweeter…Out of 3 people who opted in, one purchased the tripwire offer!


That’s 33.33% conversion!

So, the magic word for this is TEST.

The real test is when your copy was actually placed in the funnel and was used to advertise the client’s products and services.

If it gains significant traction, then your copy works.

And as for me, we will continue running the campaign for us to have a clearer picture of what’s the next step we will take, strategy-wise.

All step with these goals in mind:


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