Your Copy Is Still Shit If…

Target Market. Customer Avatar. Ideal Clients.

Nailing these down is a part of your business you need to pay attention to.

But most online entrepreneurs miss this by trying to focus on a broad spectrum. By doing this, you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Let me tell you a story which emphasizes the importance of this idea.

Gary Halbert once said:

“I can give you all the business advantage you can have. Whatever you want, name it. But I’ll only have one single advantage, and I’ll surely win over you 100% of the time.”

Do you know what that is?



So what are the characteristics of this crowd?

There are two characteristics:
1. They CAN pay
2. They have the WILLINGNESS to pay.

You can have the best product or the best offer or even the most excellent copy in the whole world… But if you’re offering it to the wrong audience, then it’s still shit.

You’ll always be in the rabbit hole of losing money running in circles while getting no return.

So, if you want to have a quick fix and improve your sales or conversions… define your target market in details, and everything will follow.



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