The Magic Trigger To Your Success

When you offer your product or service to your target audience, and it doesn’t perform the way you expected it… IT MEANS YOU FAILED.

You failed to get the message across your target audience.

You failed to make them engaged in your content.

You failed to match your solution to the problem they want to solve.

You failed to make it visible to the people you want to serve.

You failed to emphasize the value they can get from it.

You failed to show significant results they’re after.

You failed to weave the right message to make your offer tick.

I can go on and on on the areas which you fail, but you get the point.

I’m not doing this to put you down.

But instead to lift you up.

I’ll reveal what I mean later.

Recently, I have a conversation with a friend.

Let’s call her Scarlet.

She’s interested in freelancing.

And I have told her some tips and insights before our conversation.

Scarlet told me that she’s currently enrolled in an online course.

Me: Great! Once you’ve finished that course, you can try to apply to prospective clients.

Scarlet: Yes I’m excited! I’ve read good reviews about the course. And they mentioned people getting jobs right after they completed the course.

Me: That’s a sure thing because the mentors of that course are all experienced social media marketers!

Scarlet: Yes! I’ll study it. But if I have questions, I’ll ping you now and then.

Me: No worries! 

2 weeks after…

Me: Scarlet, I have found a job vacancy which you might find interesting. Check this post and apply: <link>.

Scarlet: Okay, I’ll look into it.

4 days later..

Me: Hey Scarlet. What happened to your application to the prospect I’ve sent you?

Scarlet: Oh I didn’t apply.

Me: Why?

Scarlet: I feel like I’m not good enough to take the job. I don’t have any experience yet. I worry that I’m not able to deliver the results he’s looking for.

Me: Oh okay. But don’t you think you’re overthinking? You see, how can you gain experience if you’ll not try the first place?

You got all the resources you need.

You have the course that will teach you the nitty-gritty stuff. You have mentors whom you can ask if in case you get stuck. Plus, Google is always there ready for you to explore.

Scarlet: —.

You see, you missed many opportunities because of inaction.

The limiting belief you have stops you from developing your full potential.

You know you can, but there is a little voice inside you that’s preventing you from moving forward.

Kill that negative inner voice.


Replace it with positivity.

Imagine yourself actually doing it and achieving the results you’ve envisioned.

Here’s a power hack.

I’m pretty sure you have someone you admire doing the things you want to do.

For example, if you’re an aspiring author, maybe you’re inspired by Brendon Burchard’s work.

Now, imagine doing what Brendon would do in any given situation you want to accomplish.

So for example, you want to become a best-selling author. Imagine you’re doing what Brendon would do in promoting his books.

Mirror what your inspiration will do, and it’ll give you the boost of confidence you need to make things happen.

If he can, you surely can do it.

So back to what I want to reveal to you about lifting you up (instead of putting you down) related to your failures.

You see, when you fail on certain things, you tend to look at things on a different perspective, other than what you saw when you’re trying to make things work.

Most of the time, you see the other side of the equation.

You look at it from a different angle.

This angle leads you to one breakthrough to another.

Failure makes it easier to leave an imprint of lessons in our conscious and subconscious mind.

It makes us remember what we need to do next time when faced with the same situation.

It’s like a magic trigger.

So powerful.

That’s why I salute you if you’ve failed.

It only means one thing.


And that’s way better than doing NOTHING.

For me, when you tried and failed… you already WIN.

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