Are You Ready To Launch Your Online Course?

Imagine this.


You’ve been in the personal development business for quite some time.

You’ve helped more people, and you want to scale.

You come up to an idea to launch an online course.

… because you want to reach more people and help them solve their problem.


But let me ask you this.

Are you really ready to launch your course? Like Ready-Fire-Aim ready?


If you’re starting to question your readiness, then you can check these three things if you’re good to go.


πŸ’‘ Target market.

Have you nailed down your target market? Working moms aged 25-40 is a good start. But this isn’t ideal yet.

You need to be more specific to increase the possibility of hitting the bull in the eye. If you have a single specific target, chances are, you’ll be able to run it with 100% accuracy. You can pinpoint who you want to work with.

It’s like talking to a single person. And if you’re talking to a single person, it’s so much easier to send your message across.


πŸ’‘ Offer.

Once you’ve identified your specific target market, it’s now time to build your offer.

Not just a simple offer… but an irresistible offer.

Create an offer that people want to buy. Plus, take into consideration their willingness and capacity to buy.

Strike a good balance by adding the right pressure for them to buy… while maintaining a reasonable level of push without sounding sale-sy.

It’s human nature that we don’t want to be sold to.

We hate hard sell. And we can smell it even from a mile.

Establish the path with least resistance. And make the offer so compelling by framing the offer as a friendly invitation, rather than a sales pitch.


πŸ’‘ Copy.

After you’re done with your target market and compelling offer, it’s now time to focus on your copy.

Your copy reinforces your offer and makes your target market take action: TO BUY.

There are elements you need to make your copy on point and persuasive.

Let’s look at the 6 Principles of Influence by Robert Cialdini:

πŸ”‘ 1. Consistency.

Your copy needs to be consistent all throughout. The theme and branding need to be steady to create a better impression and authority.

πŸ”‘ 2. Social Proof

Testimonials and reviews from a third party give you an instant boost of credibility. It will make people want to know, like and trust you. It’s also a good sign that what you’re presenting works and that it’ll benefit them.

If people see that there’s a bunch of people following you…

And telling good things about your offer, it’s more likely that other people will follow.

People tend to follow other people around them. And since it comes from a different person other than yourself, it’s a powerful means to drive attention to your offer.

πŸ”‘ 3. Authority

When you’re an authority, you are given the respect by the vast majority of your followers.

People tend to follow someone who:
a. Has a compelling message,
b. Has a practical but unique style
c. Has a platform which you usually dominate.

Authority figures can command their followers to do things persuasively. They can tell people to take a specific action. That’s how powerful authority is.

πŸ”‘ 4. Reciprocity

This idea is more of a give-and-take phase. If you do something for someone, they’re likely to return the favor to you.

People feel they owe you something if you do something good for them without expecting anything in return.

And because of that, they want to pay you back in another form.

πŸ”‘ 5. Scarcity

When people are pressed for time, you tend to do something before the time runs out. We have these #FOMO thing.

Fear Of Missing Out.

That’s why deadlines are so effective.

20 Units Left!

Valid Till 30th August!


πŸ”‘ 6. Liking

Likeability plays a big part in creating an influence. If people like you, they tend to drift towards you and your brand.

Successful people are those who are likable. They usually have a magnetic personality and a welcoming aura.

It’s also an added point if you’re physically attractive. It’s not a straightforward fact, but it helps somehow. People usually gravitate to people who look nice and with people who provide immense value.

So, take in mind these three core factors in launching a successful course.

These three are like the backbone of your launch.

Make sure to sit down on these and work on them.

If one piece is missing, it’ll have a slimmer chance of making your project a success.

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