Neri Marcos 

     Copywriting Expert for Course Creators and Training Providers

I Help Course Creators and Training Providers Increase Sales Conversion By Another 10-20% Through Persuasive Copy

Get More Leads Which Then Convert To Enrollees…Giving You More Sales For Your Business.

“She simplified EVERYTHING. She truly is a linguistic genius.”

I was having trouble getting my message out there. I wanted to translate my spoken words and idea into a written masterpiece. I am a very-much-to-the-point individual which is great in business, but it doesn’t translate well when trying to engage with new audiences. I had hired copywriters in the past that were very expensive and great writers, but they missed my message. Neri’s incredible. I honestly think what she does is an art or magic trick. Sometimes when I read her words it’s like she was inside my head. She simplified EVERYTHING. She truly is a linguistic genius.She is able to get inside your head, and more importantly in my business, in your heart. She makes sure the message is your message.There are sooo many fantastic aspects of working with Neri. 1st is how quickly she does everything. 2nd is her ability to read my mind. And 3rd, the quality of her work.She’s the type of person everyone needs to work with or carry in their pocket because it just sounds better when Neri writes it.

Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley – CEO/Founder, Obtaining Mastery

Dear Course Creators and Training Providers,

Do you feel frustrated you can’t find the exact words which resonate with your target market? 

Knowing where to find your ideal client is a struggle and knowing the “right” words to say which attract attention… while keeping it short and simple is quite a battle you haven’t won?

You can’t get down on paper what’s in your mind.

You find it easy to express your message in 1:1 conversations and calls with clients but when you try to write copy, you struggle to be “you”? 

Do you worry about doing it right?

You’re aware that there are so many elements you are “supposed” to include in a sales page or follow up email…

… that it creates overwhelm and gets you stuck? When creating the copy, you want to make sure you say what needs to be said… without using too much language… enough but not too much?

Do you feel frustrated making your content unique and relevant…

… while aiming to bring something different to your audience while staying ahead of your competitors? You know your message needs to stand out to beat the rest, but you can’t figure out how?

Do you find it challenging to find the right person to handle the copy for you? 

You’re in a point where you are getting more business and you want to focus in your “zone of genius” which is outside the copywriting spectrum? Do you want to find your “right-hand” copy genius to create and manage the content for you?

Would you love to have 7 to 8-figures income from your programs and online courses?

Get on the plane anytime you want and go on exotic vacations for weeks? Be able to sleep at night, knowing that you never have to worry about getting leads and converting them to repeat customers? You never have to worry about money ever again?

If you say “YES” to any of these questions in your mind, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year…

… because you’re about to discover how to LEAPFROG the growth of your business… so you can start making BIG PROFITS. As fast as possible.

Hi, I’m Neri.

I’m in business to help course creators and training providers create copy to promote and launch their training and programs.Get more leads which then convert to enrollees… giving you more sales for your business.

You’re here because you know in your gut… you need help.You have a unique story to tell the world, a remarkable product or service to sell, and impeccable gifts to share the universe, but you are struggling to convert visitors into customers.Hey, guess what. I got you covered.

I’m your copy bestie.

I’d love to spend some time going over your copy and see where I can help.

I’d love to look over your copy with you and see if it needs a little tweak or a complete overhaul.I’d love to create your copy arsenal from scratch if you don’t have one yet.You KNOW you’re capable of so much more, but you didn’t know what it looks like.You’ve tried to put yourself out there as a coach, as an influencer, as an entrepreneur…… and you thought everything’s working, but somehow, it felt like things didn’t go like what you’ve hoped for.You have a great product or message…… but you’re struggling to convert visitors into customers.You HATE writing, but you have no choice but to try it yourself.But when you decided to sit down and write, you end up staring at the blank screen for hours. You close the page and go to the kitchen to grab a snack.You go back and finally, words come out to fruition. Indeed, you’ve created something that sounds extremely, incredibly… FLAT. Boring.

Imagine this…

💥 Imagine waking up tomorrow. Knowing clients are coming in like a river flowing into your business.Getting new customers is just another history.💥 Imagine ideas in your head has now materialized in your sales page or email sequence. It now contains the exact and precise words which resonate with your target market hitting their pain points…💥 Imagine using the “right” words to say in all of your offer… which attract attention. Keeping it short and simple is like a game you already won…💥 Imagine your message standing out from the sea of “same-sies” and beating your competition all together…💥 Imagine a worry-free life because you’ve found your “right-hand” copy genius who creates and manages all the copy for you. You just need to focus on your “zone of genius” doing the things you genuinely love…💥 Imagine when your sales and conversion increase by 10-30%, turning your business into a 7-8 figure income generating platform…💥 Imagine if you gain financial and time FREEDOM to do the things with your family, friends, loved ones that really matter…💥 Imagine reaching and helping more people with your business, while continuously attracting your ideal clients and turning them into raving fans!

Sound awesome, right?

Make TODAY the day to engage your ideal client with words they just can’t take their eyes off of. Words that convert visitors into clients you own.

Clients who are ready to line up and BEG you to take their money!

I Promise To Help You Launch Your Training And Programs Through High-Converting, More Persuasive Copy, And Course Launch Strategy… Get More Leads Which Then Convert To Enrolees… Giving You More Sales For Your Business.

Here are ways how I can help…

👉 You need help transforming your ‘blah” copy to conversion-focused and income-generating system

👉 You need suggestions on a landing page

👉 You need help with your “About” page (your most important page)

👉 You need help with your product or course launches

👉 You need help creating an email sequence

👉 You need help making something “stand out”

👉 You need highly engaging Facebook posts to promote your programs and courses

👉 You need help creating content which communicates the value you provide to your customers.

👉 You need help with your sales page, which persuades people to buy your perfect offer, RIGHT NOW!

👉 You need someone to create the copy for you on a regular basis, so you don’t have to.

Here are what people say about working with me.

I have goosebumps while reading your sales copy. I never thought we can put it all together that way.I may have the heart to change a person’s life, but to explain it in a copy that way, makes a lot of difference.You are the BEST copywriter I’ve ever met in all years of my digital career. Thank you!

Lish Aquino – Amazon FBA Seller/Coach

I have had the pleasure of working with Neri on several occasions for my startup company. And I’m very impressed with Neri’s ability and approach in making sure she delivers the right results.Neri’s broad perspective in branding, particularly web copywriting, was an invaluable element in making the platform dynamic and relevant.She has been very helpful throughout the process, and I highly recommend her services.

Jonathan Mana – CEO/Founder, Payroll Club

Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit!

Still on the fence?

Are you still not convinced that working with me is the absolute best solution for scaling your business?Then, let me tell you this…What you are doing now in your business (writing copy on your own) overwhelms you. In fact, that’s the very thing that keeps you from growing your business!If you keep doing whatever you’re doing and expecting a different result, then that’s INSANITY. And that will keep you stressed and unhappy.If you’re serious about your business, come hell or high water, stop wasting your time, energy and resources on blood-sucking time vampire activities… and INVEST it back on things you’re more in control.

Let me help you scale your business through your products and courses, click the button below to book a call.

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