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Get More Students and Revenue using my Schema Boost Framework

Make your dreams of a successful launch and thriving business come alive – with the power of words.

If you are a course creator or training provider who’s done a launch for the first time or the 10th time, you know you have to prepare weeks (or even months) before the “big day”. You need to strategize a launch plan, complete all the key pieces, and make sure everything’s up and running — without a glitch.Then, Launch Day arrives.You watch your computer screen waiting for the “ca-ching!” sound.But the result was not what you expected.

You’ve nailed down the market, the offer and the medium — yet, you haven’t really covered the bases. The problem?

You settled for “good enough” copy.

Even though you think you’re moderately consistent when it comes to connecting with your audience, you believe that your copy is part of the problem of why you’re not converting subscribers to students.

You’re driving traffic to your offer, yet you don’t have the right copy you’re sending them.

People who opted in are asking you why you’re not sending them any.

And when you send them a new email, you just promote your new course. And that’s it.

You struggled to weave the right words which stand out from the sea of “same-sies”.

You want your copy to be snappy which catches your audience’s attention even if you’re not a writer.

You want to make sure you say what needs to be said for them to take your desired action — to buy.

And because the sales copy doesn’t tick the boxes, you didn’t get the revenue goal you’re aiming for.

You, not only need the copy, you also need a strategy to go with it.

  And that’s where I come in

In every launch, you have to do whatever it takes to make your launch a success.And your copy plays a significant part in the whole launch journey.Fix your next launch by using great copy.

G​reat Copy = Strategic Copy

That Converts To Sale

Drive the right traffic to your business and turn them to highly-qualified prospects.

Nurture, connect and build a relationship with your audience.

Convert highly-qualified leads to happy customers.

Retain happy customers and make them your business evangelist.

“From $500 to $5,000 in 7 days!”

Kamal Makhmudov, Founder | Dispatch Trucks LLC

I’mNeri Marcos.

A direct response copywriter for course creators and training providers since 2016.

I believe copywriting is not just writing.

It’s words that:

  • Generate 900+ leads and $9,898.02 in sales in just 21 days from scratch for a coach.
  • Sell 26 yearly memberships in 1 week using emails selling membership programs.
  • Get a sales conversion of 5.4% (vs. 1-3% standard) for a financial literacy coach.
  • Bring in $5,596 sales in 6 days during Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Generate 9.28% sales conversion from a small list of 194 people with 5 social media posts.

If you would like to make your next launch way better and you’re ready to amplify your impact, and you know you can’t do it alone….

Let’s put words to work in your favor.

Landing Page

Get more subscribers from your pre-launch or lead generation through the conversion-focused opt-in page!

Sales Page

Discover how to generate 5-6 figures per month on sales revenue through sales page copy persuasion.

Launch Packages

From the landing page to the emails (and anything in between), we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of your launch strategy which will give you positive results for your next campaign. 

Email Sequence

Grow your email list, nurture your audience, build relationships and convert prospects to happy, paying clients through a series of irresistible emails.

Case Studies

Convert cold prospects to hot leads, so you can convert them to paying clients through case studies.

Website Page

Get across your message with your voice online through authentic, client-focused website copy.

Positive Feedback from Happy Clients

Luis Medina

Learning & Development Head,

The Freelance Movement

“Neri’s great! Exceeded my expectations (which were high, to begin with). I now have an amazing case study that I can use to get more clients and grow my business exponentially.Super easy to talk to, she really understands the need for what I wanted to create. You can get the kind of output that will help your business grow by leaps and bounds. I know, because that’s what happened to me.”

Paula Kristina

Funnel Designer/Builder

“I highly recommend Neri to coaches and course creators out there who need help in getting leads and sales on their launches. She’s very professional, knowledgeable in what she does and has already proven to generate results for her clients.”

J3 Patino


Pinoy Money Academy

“When I worked with Neri, it was a huge relief! The biggest benefit I got from working with her was having an expert look at my existing copy and improve it drastically.She also created copy from scratch, interviewed my audience and our launch converted at 5.4% (whereas our previous launches were doing 1-3% on​​​​ average only).I have worked with 3 copywriters before – you are the one that ‘cares’ the most. It’s hard to explain but the feeling is there.”




Obtaining Mastery

“There are soooo many fantastic aspects of working with Neri. 1st is how quickly she does everything. 2nd is her ability to read my mind. And 3rd, the quality of her work.She’s the type of person everyone needs to work with or carry in their pocket because it just sounds better when Neri writes it.”

Julius Guevarra

Founder, Marketing & Tech PHFounder, Funnels &

Automation University

“I was able to launch faster compared to when I tried to write copy for myself. I was able to sleep well knowing that I can get my message across to my market that would bring sales.As a result, we got a 9.28% conversion from a small group of 194 people.”

Jonathan Mana

CEO/Founder, Payroll Club

“Neri’s broad perspective in branding, particularly web copywriting, was an invaluable element in making the platform dynamic and relevant. She has been very helpful throughout the process, and I highly recommend her services.”

Lish Aquino

Amazon FBA Seller/Coach

“I have goosebumps while reading your sales copy. I never thought we can put it all together that way. You are the BEST copywriter I’ve ever met in all years of my digital career. Thank you!”

Would you like to know what I’m doing to get such proven results?

Still on the fence?

Are you still not convinced that working with me is the absolute best solution for scaling your business?

Then, let me tell you this…

What you’re doing now in your business (writing copy on your own) overwhelms you.

In fact, that’s the very thing that keeps you from growing your business!

If you want to create a massive impact and help more people do things with a deeper purpose, stop wasting your time and resources…

Make smart INVESTMENTS on things you’re more in control of.

Invest in Great Copy Now!

Neri Marcos 

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