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Check down below samples of copy I’ve written for some of my clients.

Go through them to see if my work samples resonate with you. 

See for yourself some copy samples I’ve done in the past

Sales Page C​opy

Discover how to generate 5-6 figures per month on sales revenue through sales page copy persuasion.

Landing Page Copy

Get more subscribers from your pre-launch or lead generation through the conversion-focused opt-in page!

Email Copy

Grow your email list and convert prospects to happy, paying clients through a series of irresistible emails.

FB Ads Copy

Leverage Facebook to get more leads and generate more revenue through compelling FB ads copy.

Website Copy

Get across your message with your voice online through authentic, client-focused website copy.

Case Study

Convert cold prospects to hot leads, so you can convert them to paying clients through case studies.

See what my clients say about working with me…

LISH AQUINO // Amazon FBA Seller and Coach

I have goosebumps while reading your sales copy. I never thought we can put it all together that way.I may have the heart to change a person’s life, but to explain it in a copy that way, makes a lot of difference.You are the BEST copywriter I’ve ever met in all years of my digital career. Thank you!


MARITSA YZAGUIRRE-KELLEY  //  Certified Trainer and Coach

I was having trouble getting my message out there. I wanted to translate my spoken words and idea into a written masterpiece. I am a very-much-to-the-point individual which is great in business, but it doesn’t translate well when trying to engage with new audiences. I had hired copywriters in the past that were very expensive and great writers, but they missed my message. Neri’s incredible. I honestly think what she does is an art or magic trick. Sometimes when I read her words it’s like she was inside my head. She simplified EVERYTHING. She truly is a linguistic genius.She is able to get inside your head, and more importantly in my business, in your heart. She makes sure the message is your message.There are sooo many fantastic aspects of working with Neri. 1st is how quickly she does everything. 2nd is her ability to read my mind. And 3rd, the quality of her work.She’s the type of person everyone needs to work with or carry in their pocket because it just sounds better when Neri writes it.


Bea Vergara // Funnel Hacker,

Neri helped me with my messaging issue, she crafted a clear and compelling message that perfectly voice outs the struggles of my ideal clients.

She was able to cover all my core offers in one short message that I could use in my social media profiles to attract my target market.

She’s my go-to-girl for writing compelling website copy!! Definitely recommended!!


MIKE BECKER // Founder, The Sales Alchemist

I highly recommend Neri. She is sales copywriting bad ass. 


I only take 2 consultation calls per day. 

And due to the work involved, I only work with 3 clients the most per month. 

If scaling your business – while remaining profitable – is a goal this quarter, then you should block your spot before it runs out.

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